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Back in the ’30s brothers Vincenzo and Davide Righini started-up their own business devoted to agricultural machines repair and spares manufacturing.
After the a temporary close-down due to World War II events, in 1951 F.lli Righini firm was founded, operating in the ship repair and industrial maintenance. Through the post-war years the inventory of machine tools was enlarged as long as the capabilities and services offered to the Customers.
In the early ’80s F.lli RIGHINI began to operate in the oil&gas industry in the wage of the rapid growth of developments of offshore gas fields in the nearby Adriatic Sea.
Bearing in mind the clear intent to increase the complexity and dimensions of products, larger machinery was installed at F.lli RIGHINI premises. One new assembly hall was erected and equipped with state-of-the-art lifting facilities. At the same time capabilities such as design, manufacturing, assembly and testing were largely refined and oriented towards the offshore market.
Now F.lli RIGHINI expertise enables the development of complex projects but maintaining at the same time high flexibility and focus on Customer requirements.
In 2009 in order to rationalize growth programs the company was split in two separate firms: RIGHINI MECCANICA specializing in tool machining of medium to large size items and F.LLI RIGHINI continuing in the offshore oil&gas field.